New Hampshire School Administrators Association

What is NHSAA?


The New Hampshire School Administrators Association is a non-profit, tax exempt corporation dedicated to providing the best possible public education for the children of New Hampshire.

The membership includes superintendents of schools, assistant superintendents, school business officials, special education directors, curriculum coordinators and other system administrators.

The Mission of NHSAA

The mission of NHSAA is to be a credible and compelling voice of educational leadership in creating an exemplary and comprehensive education for all public school students and in providing high quality services to its membership.

NHSAA's Guiding Principles:

  • Champion efforts designed to successfully provide for the needs of all children.

  • Effectively advocate for an equitable and comprehensive public education for all children, wherever they may reside.

  • Take every opportunity to assert and defend the idea that public education is a public good and that it is essential to our democracy and economy.

  • Promote the development and sharing of effective leadership and educational practices that ensure the prudent stewardship of public resources.

  • Lead in providing timely and substantive learning opportunities to educators in NH and New England.

  • Build NHSAA into a highly productive organization that consistently seeks new ways to identify and meet members? needs.

    We believe it is both an honor and a responsibility to reaffirm the worth and dignity of every child, to champion this cause, and to create an enlightened citizenry.


    New Hampshire School Administrators Association - Founded 1941

    Bow Brook Place
    46 Donovan Street, Suite 3
    Concord, NH 03301

    Telephone: 603-225-3230
    Toll-free: 1-866-753-4479
    Fax: 603-225-3225

    NHSAA Office Email:

  • Job Vacancy Service:

    Web Site:


    The following member services are provided free (unless noted) to all members of the NHSAA

    Professional Development

    A reduced price, year long professional development program including 14 sessions on timely topics with a season ticket option

    Free personal member workshops on important topics (e.g. legislative updates)

    Special sessions on emergency or emerging topics

    The Annual June Conference without a registration fee or exhibit areas

    Clearing House of Information

    Collection of resources on a variety of topics

    Helpful research on educational topics from personal, web and organizational libraries

    Ability to review, forward and/or refer inquiries to colleagues around the state and region

    Research and timely updates on new legislation

    Access to website (

    Orientation and Support of New Members

    Initial orientation sessions

    Mentor relationships for new members

    Timely response to any and all questions

    Public Affairs Service and Advocacy

    A process to solicit, organize and advocate members' interests on state and national legislative issues

    Representation for members at meetings and hearings at the State House and in Washington, D.C.

    Representation of members' interests by participating in regional conferences, panels, press conferences and presentations

    Leadership Assistance and Problem Solving

    Provides confidential consultations with members about any and all problems, concerns and issues

    Insurance and Discount Programs

    Opportunities for low-cost insurance for members (e.g. legal, liability, disability, life and more)

    Discounts on computer software

    Communication Networks

    A web site with important links to resources:

  • Archives of valuable references
  • Surveys
  • Legislation, State Laws, Calendars and more...
  • An extensive committee structure that organizes members around important and timely topics of interest and action by NHSAA

    A Fax network to communicate important information to all members in a timely manner

    An email-based list serve to communicate to and among interested members (examples of topics include: legislative and leadership issues, financial topics, curriculum/instruction, and legal questions)

    Statewide advertising service for educational leadership positions via broadcast fax

    Career Counseling and Job Placement

    A confidential review of resumes and available job opportunities

    A team problem-solving consultation for members of the legal assistance program

    Free contract analysis and a model contract

    Recognition Programs

    NHSAA organizes and implements a variety of special programs to recognize members of the broad school community:

    For Members: The Superintendent of the Year Program and the Outstanding Service Award

    For Citizens: The regional and statewide Champions for Children Program

    For Businesses: A Business Affiliate Program that acknowledges New Hampshire's outstanding businesses

    For Aspiring Leaders: A Leadership Institute and annual scholarship

    Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment (CIA)

    A regional system to support members in Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment development:

    Regional meetings, resources and a list serve

    Representation on Behalf of System Administrators

    Coordination for the NH Council of School Attorneys

    Representation for members, by members, on over thirty (30) state or regional educational committees or organizations

    Organization and representation of members' interests on state, regional and national task forces, study groups and organizations

    Coordination, advocacy and assistance to the Department of Education

    A statewide organization that is divided into five regions that meet monthly

    Special Education Support Center (SESC)

    A fee-based independent advocacy and technical assistance center in support of NH school districts' work in special education matters. Contact Jenn ( for more information.

    Job Vacancy Web Site

    A powerful fee-based, interactive job vacancy service created and operated by NH school districts. Contact Bernice ( for membership information.

    Consultant Services

    The following members' services are provided, on a fee for services basis, and fees are generally reduced by 30% for members of NHSAA. Contact Carl ( if you are interested in a proposal.

    Common Areas of Service:

    Locally delivered professional development programs on a variety of topics

    Evaluation studies of programs or services

    Designing of educational specifications, programs and facility studies

    Individually designed studies and projects