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2016 South East Region Champion for Children

Lucy Cushman
Lucy Cushman
For over 20 years, Lucy Cushman has been a positive role model for community service. In her humble and unassuming way, she played a key role in the establishment of the Exeter Region Cooperative School District in the mid 1990s. Using her persuasive and collaborative approach for community input and involvement, Lucy was instrumental in educating the many stakeholders of the long-term wisdom in creating a cooperative school district that would serve students for many generations to come. Once established, Lucy was elected to the School Board for many years; today she serves on its Budget Advisory Committee.

Lucy is a great leader and advocate for children in the SAU #16 community. She showed great courage when she supported the formation of the Great Bay eLearning Charter School and agreed to serve on its Board of Trustees, a role she remains active in today.

Travis Thompson, SAU #16 Joint Board Chair, says, "I can't think of any other community member who has worked harder and dedicated more time to the students of SAU #16 over such a long period of time. Lucy's ongoing commitment and dedication to SAU #16 and to the students it serves is nothing short of amazing. At a time when many community members choose not to get involved, she continually steps up and takes the lead whenever it is necessary to support the needs and efforts of children/students of all ages."

Paul Flynn, associate superintendent of SAU #16, echoes those statements, "What cannot be lost on anyone who knows Lucy is that she is a caring and dedicated public servant who is a model for others to emulate. Today she has no children of her own in SAU #16, yet she continues to serve on a variety of both town and school committees and boards. She is a Champion for Children because she clearly represents the dedication of community members to give tirelessly of their time, talents, and energy to ensure the best educational opportunities for our children."

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