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2016 South Central Region Champions for Children

Chris & Laura Peterson
Chris & Laura Peterson
Chris and Laura Peterson's efforts and work to address the needs of public education and the children of New Hampshire are intertwined. As Chief of Pediatrics at Parkland Medical Center in Derry, N.H., Chris is committed to helping the community with the growing opioid crisis, while Laura shows outstanding leadership in the PTA as the driving force behind many initiatives and events.

Laura and Chris have provided the Derry community with incredible energy and focus over several years. Together, they enrich the elementary and middle schools by putting students at the center of their work and enhancing the learning community for all students, teachers, staff, administrators, and parents. They unobtrusively give generously of their time to volunteer at school and community events such as PTSA, Read Aloud and Readers as Leaders Days, Coffee with the Principals, Staff Appreciation Week, and the annual Veterans' Breakfast.

Chris has most recently led the charge to seek a research-based intervention program targeted for elementary and middle school students. He is deeply committed to actively addressing the opioid issue in a collaborative manner with both the schools and local community. Since the summer of 2015, Chris has worked tirelessly to choose the Second Step Program, a vertical K-8 curriculum that focuses on problem solving and coping strategies, as well as drug and alcohol prevention. He and Laura are now working to acquire funding to make the program possible. They plan to host a parent and community presentation when adequate funding and training are available.

As Mary-Ann Connors-Krikorian says, "Laura and Chris initiated and carry out one of the best partnerships I have ever witnessed. Two individuals' efforts have multiplied to touch many lives, and they truly are Champions for Children."

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